Under One Unified Umbrella

, , | Hopeless | April 14, 2016

(I have sprained my ankle and gotten a hairline fracture in the same foot, so I am on crutches as I walk to the train. The neighborhood is almost entirely immigrant and Muslim, with a rough reputation.)

Me: *to myself, quietly* “Oh crap! It’s starting to rain.”

(I slow down, not wanting to slip, but am quickly soaked. A man is hurrying out of the mosque and makes a beeline for me.)

Man: “Are you okay? Where are you going? You look cold!”

(I tell him.)

Man: “I’m going most of that way. You can share my umbrella, since you can’t hold one and walk, too. I hope your foot is better soon!”

(He walked three-quarters of the way with me, giving me most of his umbrella and getting soaked himself.)

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