Under New Mismanagement, Part 6

| Working | January 29, 2016

(Our store just got a new head manager. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but I got the impression he’s a bit rough and demanding. I finally get the opportunity to introduce myself.)

Me: *extending hand* “Hi, I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet. I’m [My Name].”

Manager: “What are you wasting time for? Get back to work!”

(Stunned, I stand frozen for a few seconds.)

Manager: “I don’t know what the previous manager was thinking, hiring all these idiot kids. Get back to work!”

(I finally find my voice.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I find that statement quite presumptuous and offensive.”

Manager: “Oh, really? Surprise me with something I don’t know.”

Me: “If you say so. For a start, I wasn’t hired by [Previous Manager]; you’re actually the fifth person who’s taken the store manager position since I was hired two years ago. Second, you may call me a ‘kid’ if you wish, but be aware that I’m actually twenty years old and many of the more mature team members often turn to me for advice. Third, I’d rather you talk to me and get to know me a little better before you form an opinion as to whether or not I’m an ‘idiot.'”

(As if on cue, a customer approached him and asked him a question that he was unable to answer. I intervened, took her straight to the item she needed, and showed her how to operate it. The manager left me alone after that.)


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