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Under New Mismanagement, Part 2

| Working | June 22, 2014

(My boss leaves, meaning I now report to my manager. We don’t get along, mostly because I’m keen to get on, quick to complete my work, and, in his words, ‘trying to climb the ladder,’ even though I really am not.)

Me: “Look, boss, I hate to say this but I need more to do. I need to be challenged. Is there anything I can help with?”

Manager: “Er, yeah, let me see. I will get back to you.”

(He disappears for the day so I try the next morning.)

Me: “About yesterday. Any updates?”

Manager: “Sorry, no. I haven’t had time. Tomorrow.”

(This continues for weeks. I make sure to bring it up as he asks every day, set reviews once a month, and send out emails if he ‘forgets,’ but nothing. I keep busy but I really want a challenge. Eventually my review comes around.)

Manager: “Well, I will have to score you poorly. I haven’t really seen you achieve anything.”

Me: “But I begged you for months to put me on a big project.”

Manager: “I think you need to try harder next year.”

(I get a really bad review. This continues for months. I apply for a transfer but get blocked. So with no choice I suck up to my manager and when my review comes around:)

Manager: “Another bad year, I’m afraid.” *long pause* “You know, you will never get anywhere unless you get a haircut.” *my hair is just below my ears*

(I gave up. A few weeks later redundancy came around and because of my poor reviews I was out of a job. I had a small child and a large mortgage, and all was pretty miserable. I had to take a low-paying job cold calling, until my old boss offered me a job for more money than my manager earnt!)


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