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Under New But Same Management

| Working | July 22, 2015

(In the supermarket in which I work each department has its own office. I am only 19 but have recently been promoted to become the manager of my department, and I am also today’s duty manager. About half an hour before we open in the morning I have already completed my departments opening tasks and I am sat with the checkout supervisor at her desk with my feet up. Each department wears different colour name badges.)

Checkout Supervisor: “Hey, [Home and Leisure supervisor] looks angry.”

(She storms over to us.)

H&L Supervisor: “You guys are so f****** lazy. You never do any work and take all the credit for everything.”

Me: “Excuse me, but I’ve already–”

H&L Supervisor: *interrupts* “No. Don’t give me your stupid f***ing excuses. Go and do your godd*** job. I’ll be talking to your manager when she’s in.” *storms off again*

(A few hours later, the store is open and I am catching up on some paperwork in my office while the supervisor under me keeps an eye on things. The H&L Supervisor from earlier bursts in unannounced.)

Me: “Hello, you’ve come to complain about one of my employees, I presume?”

H&L Supervisor: *you can see her face fall* “Umm…” *walks out*

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