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Under Mother’s Spell

| Related | June 25, 2014

(My sister and I have dragged our parents to all the Harry Potter movies. Our first language is not English, but the two of us can manage without subtitles. Not so our parents, and my mother is very creative at story-telling. At the screening of ‘The Goblet of Fire,’ when Moody gives a hint to Harry as to the path to the center of the maze…)

Sister & I: *excited running commentary, exulting*

Dad: “What’s that maze? What did that one-eyed man mean by nodding to Harry Potter? This is all very difficult.” *to Mom* “Did you understand?”

Mom: “See, there’s Dumbledore near Harry. So the one-eyed chap is asking Harry to get Dumbledore’s blessings by falling at his feet.”

Sister & I: *wide eyed shock at her explanation*

Dad: “Oh. Good.”

(Dad believed it. COMPLETELY.)