Under Fire Interrogation

| Related | July 30, 2012

(I live in a high rise apartment building with my infant twins. During a late-night feeding we hear fire trucks pull up to our building. Anticipating an alarm, I get the babies bundled up and call my mother-in-law just as the alarm was sounding to evacuate.)

Me: “There’s a fire in the building! We have to evacuate. We’ll be over as soon as we can.”

Mother-in-law: “A fire?”

Me: “Yes. Lots of trucks, and now I can smell smoke. We’re leaving now.”

Mother-in-law: “And, you’re coming over?”

Me: “Yes, right now.”

Mother-in-law: “Okay.”

(I hang up, but almost immediately the phone rings. It is my mother-in-law.)

Mother-in-law: “You’re bringing the babies, right?”

Me: “Goodbye, mom!”

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