Uncooked Pigs Don’t Fly With Me

| Working | September 17, 2014

(My friend and I decide to eat at a Russian restaurant we have never eaten at before. We order some dumplings and a ‘Georgian sausage.’ The sausage, which is made of pork, is a very large one, which we share. It is when I cut into the center and try it that I realize it is still quite raw on the inside. We call over the waiter.)

Me: “Excuse me, this sausage is undercooked, it’s still raw in the center.” *show the sausage*

Waiter: “This is fine. It is cooked.”

Me: “No, it’s not, and this sausage is made of pork, which is dangerous to serve undercooked like this.”

Waiter: “The sausage is cooked. If you wanted it well done, you should have asked for it well done!”

(We left without tipping, as we shouldn’t have to ask for pork to be ‘well done’!)

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