Uncle Scam

, | Working | July 17, 2012

(We sell products to both civilian and military clients, but we are obligated to sell to the military sector at a reduced rate. This occurs concerning a contract that my boss drafted for a military client.)

Client: “The prices on this contract need to be changed. It should be [price], but the numbers you listed here are higher than that.”

Me: *checking the contract* “Oh, I see. You’re right, that’s the wrong rate. We’ll correct it right away.”

(Later, in my weekly meeting with my boss…)

Me: “Um, when I was working on the contract with [client], the non-military prices were listed on the contract. Did you know that?”

Boss: “Yes.”

Me: “Did… you… do that on purpose?”

Boss: “Yes.”

Me: *shocked* “Why?”

Boss: “I thought I’d try to scam the government!”

(I quit at the end of that year.)

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