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Uncle Ben(Kenobi)’s Sauce

| Related | September 29, 2014

(I put a certain steak sauce on a lot of my food. Even though I’m only microwaving mashed potatoes, my nephew comes to the kitchen where my mom and I are to ask what I’m fixing.)

Nephew: “What is that?”

Me: “Mashed potatoes.”

Nephew: “What is on them?”

Me: “A-1”

Nephew: *mishearing me* “A wan? What is ‘A wan?'”

Mom: “A wan. Is that anything like Obi Wan?”

Me: *deadpan and not looking up from stirring the potatoes* “Yes, A. Wan Kenobi was the brother of Obi Wan Kenobi. A. Wan never became a Jedi. He died by impaling. People just couldn’t resist putting him on their stakes.”

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