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Unbe-leaf-ably Bad Service

| Working | February 23, 2013

(Note: My fiancé has a medical condition where he can’t eat leafy vegetables or he gets very sick. The usual servers at this restaurant are usually accommodating, but today we get a new server.)

Fiancé: “I know the menu says that comes with a side salad, but I can’t eat lettuce. Could I just double up on my side instead, please?”

Server: “I’m afraid I can’t do that, sir. I could bring you a side of vegetables instead, though.”

Fiancé: “No thank you, I can’t eat most vegetables. That’s odd; they normally will allow me to double up the side instead.”

Me: “It’s okay honey; I’ll eat your salad and you can have my side instead. Okay?”

(We finish placing our order, but it’s not quite right so I flag down out server.)

Me: “Sorry, it looks like there has been a little mix up. We got two side salads and there should only be one.”

Server: “Well, his order came with a salad, and you ordered one too. Hence, two salads.”

Me: “I didn’t order a salad. I said I would eat his because he can’t have it.”

Server: “Well, you can’t do that.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Server: “You can’t eat another person’s food, so I charged you for your own salad.”

Fiancé: “Wait, what? That makes no sense. Why can’t I give her my salad? It comes with my meal.”

Server: “She can’t eat your salad. You have to eat your own salad.”

Fiancé: “I can’t. It will kill me.”

Me: “Take off the extra salad.”

(I hand her my untouched plate.)

Server: “I can’t take it off now. You touched it.”

(I eventually convinced her to take the salad back but apparently she started complaining about us in the kitchen and one of the managers overheard her. He came to check on us and gave us a different server after we told him the problem. Since then, we saw her again only once when she was fired for double charging someone and refusing to fix it.)

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