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Unagreeably Agreeable

| Learning | January 24, 2014

(We are discussing a story in a course on modern Chinese fiction. More than half of the students at this school are female; I’m one of only four males in this particular class.)

Professor: “So in the end, who do you think was in the right? [Heroine] or [Hero]?”

Female Classmate #1: “I’m with [Heroine]. [Hero] was a jerk!”

Female Classmate #2: “Yeah, he went out of his way to hurt people for no reason. He practically assaulted [Heroine].”

Female Classmate #3: “Even he pretty much admits that he was evil in the epilogue.”

(This continues on with the other female students. Eventually…)

Professor: “Well, that’s a female perspective. What do the boys think? Was [Hero] actually a good person?”

Me: “I agree with the girls. [Hero] was a horrible person. There’s not really any way to defend him.”

(The other male students nod. The professor sighs.)

Professor: “I wasn’t expecting you all to agree on this…”

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