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Unable To Switch Their Mindset

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Of all the times I have seen customers complain in the store, between games that “weren’t what the box claimed to be” and fried consoles being blamed on us, the one that I remember the most was when an older woman with an upset preteen in tow came to the counter of my shop, put down a Nintendo Switch box, and said, verbatim:

Customer: “This piece of garbage doesn’t come with Parental Control installed! And don’t tell me it’s there. I have worked on computers for twenty years; I can tell when a feature is missing!”

Me: “Madam, you may have worked on computers for twenty years, but it’s a matter of fact that the Nintendo Switch does have a Parental Control mode. Would you like me to demonstrate?”

Customer: “It doesn’t matter. This model doesn’t have it installed. If it did, I would’ve seen it already.”

And so on and so forth, until my manager told me to just give her a replacement plus a fee.

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