Unable To Shave A Life, Part 2

| Williamsport, PA, USA | Romantic | April 6, 2012

(I’m the author of “Unable To Shave A Life“. In recent weeks, due to a growing problem with my foot, I’ve become convinced that I’m facing surgery. To prepare for what I believe is inevitable, I take a set of clippers and shorten my hair so that maintenance is easier.)

Fiancée: *rubbing my head* “Fuzzy! You killed him again!”

Me: “Well, he had to go…again.”

Fiancée: “Yes, but when he grows back, he’ll be with his wife again.”

Me: “Wait, my scalp is female?”

Fiancée: “Yes! And they meet here.” *starts caressing my sideburns*

Me: “And what happens if they should breed?”

Fiancée: “They give birth to Big Foot!”


Fiancée: “Love me, even though I’m insane?”

Me: “Nah. I love you because you’re insane.”

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