Unable To See The Weight Of The Problem  

, , , , | Right | January 11, 2020

(I’m at my mechanic because my battery died right as I was going to work. These guys may be the best mechanics ever, always doing good work in little time. In this case, even though I drove in with no warning, they’re getting me a new battery installed in less than an hour. I hear the following side of a phone conversation:)

Mechanic: “No, I’m sorry, we won’t be able to help you with that.”


Mechanic: “Because that’s too much weight for us to put on our lifts.”


Mechanic: “Yes, you’re correct, [Previous Manager] did sometimes do that, which was a misuse of the equipment and resulted in burned-out motors and people’s cars stuck in the air in our bays.”


Mechanic: *rolls eyes* “Because we cannot take our standard lifts and put your motorhome on them!

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