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Unable To Pacify Both Of Them

, , , | Related | June 29, 2017

(My son is about five to six months at the time, and has never really taken to a pacifier or soothie. Now that he is teething I try a cold soothie and he somewhat enjoys it. My husband’s parents are over for a visit.)

Son: *crying and being fussy, despite not being hungry*

Father-In-Law: “Looks like he’s teething.”

Me: *goes to kitchen and pull soothie out, puts in in baby’s mouth, seems to calm him down*

(As I sit down next to my husband.)

Father-In-Law: “No! Bad!” *yes, he’s scolding the baby*

(I must have looked shocked and glanced at my husband for help.)

Father-In-Law: “What? Those will mess up his teeth; do your research, [Husband].”

(Meanwhile, when we go visit my family:)

Mom: “Honey, where is [Son]’s pacifier? Why doesn’t he have one?”

Me: “Oh, he has a couple; he just doesn’t really like them.”

Mom: “You know, I’m just trying to make things easier for you.”

(Every time she had him, or he was fussy she’d push a pacifier in his mouth, and give me a triumphant look whenever he took it or fell asleep.)

Me: “There’s​ no winning.”

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