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Unable To Mask Their Ignorance, Part 2

, , , , | Right | October 16, 2020

Masks are mandatory in our store. This shift, there have only been a few people that needed to be reminded to wear their mask over their nose, as well, and those were mostly because they’d slid down naturally.

A man comes in, or tries to, anyway. I glance up from what I’m doing to greet him and I have to double-take. We make eye contact and he stops in his tracks. I can tell that he knows exactly what he’s doing wrong.

I just look at him, raise an eyebrow and, since my boss has told me to not accept any nonsense related to the health-crisis-based government regulation, I say:

Me: “Nice try. Get out.” 

He sulked away. 

Instead of a mask, he had a hand slapped over his nose and mouth. 

How he had made it past security and into the mall in the first place, I don’t know.

Unable To Mask Their Ignorance

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