Unable To Manage The Situation

| Working | June 3, 2015

(I work in the kitchen of a small café. Everyone here is working part time as students for minimum wage, and we don’t have a manager or supervisor except for the actual owner of the café. However, since I’m very eager and interested in the job, she has been giving me more and more responsibilities over the past months, basically raising my duties to something between a supervisor and assistant manager.)

Me: “Hey, [Boss], I was wondering; since I have so much more responsibilities and duties than the other people in the kitchen, if I could be made official supervisor… and maybe a little raise with that? I’m here practically every day even if I don’t have a shift just to make sure everything’s all right.”

Boss: “Oh, no, no, I can’t do that. I can’t make you a supervisor over the others.”

Me: “But why not? It’s what I do already, to be honest.”

Boss: “Well, there are two guys who’ve been here longer than you. They’d get angry.”

Me: “Those two only do the bare minimum the job requires… and sometimes not even that.”

Boss: “They were still here before you.”

Me: “I do so much more than them, or anyone else. I do the regular kitchen work, but on top of that you’ve got me doing almost all the orders, the shift plan, the basic organisation between all workers, I write, control and plan all the lists and schedules we need, I organise and communicate everything with the servers at the café… and much more I can’t even think of right now.”

Boss: “You’re right, you do a lot. I still can’t make you a supervisor though. The others would get jealous. Listen, I’ll give you a raise, but you can’t tell anyone, ok? And don’t tell them that you are somehow above them now.”

Me: “But I already have trouble making them stick to my plans and things, because they keep telling me I’m just another worker and the orders have to come from you.”

Boss: “No, absolutely not. They should listen to what you tell them. But don’t say you’re a supervisor! I can’t do that.”

(I got a 1€ hourly raise. And yes, I am still not allowed to show any kind of authority over my coworkers, despite organizing their entire jobs.)

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