Unable To Make-Up Over This

| Friendly | March 19, 2015

(Beauty products are my habit. I get a lot of high-end and niche products and I spend a long time hunting out new things. I win a voucher to a website and I buy myself some new things. Included in this is a high-end, professional, and expensive make-up applicator, which is instantly recognisable. My housemate also loves beauty, but only when she doesn’t have to pay for it herself. I’ve given her a few things from my collection in the past…)

Friend: “Ooh, what’s this?”

Me: “Oh, that’s a make-up applicator.” *getting excited about the new purchase* “It’s a suede texture. You use it damp. It’s amazing — Hey, wait, what are you doing?!”

(She has dipped my new applicator in her foundation, dry, and is smudging it roughly over her face. She has acne so I freak out about the germs.)

Friend: “Well, you said it was good so I wanted to try it.”

Me: “You could have asked first… and it’s meant to be used damp.”

(To my horror, she dunks the whole thing in a glass of stale water left on her desk. I snatch it away from her and storm out of the room. A few weeks later and another visit by her to my room, I can’t find it anywhere. I hunt everywhere in the house, even in her empty room when she went home for Easter. I text her.)

Me: “[Friend], have you seen that sponge anywhere? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it and no one else has seen it.”

Friend: “I haven’t seen it at all. Sorry.”

(I’m suspicious, so when she returned I snuck into her room when she was out. Right on top of her makeup box was my sponge, caked in disgusting makeup of all kinds, clearly not properly washed and torn in several places. I shouted at her as soon as she walked through the door, but she still tried to lie and say she just found it. Sadly this isn’t the first time. She also took a new face cloth and used it, and used all my bathroom toiletries. Now I have to hide everything in my wardrobe so she doesn’t steal from me. What a shame.)

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