Unable To Kinect To Your Plan

, , , , , | Right | July 8, 2019

(I work at a local used video game store chain. Since we deal in every console, we receive a lot of cool things sometimes. However, it also brings a lot of questionable material. For instance, today a customer walks in and doesn’t even look at me.)

Customer: “Hey, man, I need 30 bucks for this unopened Kinect.”

Me: “Well, normally, I’d be happy to take it, but this location already has two of them and it has to be open. Also, I don’t really have any spare cash avail–“

(He cuts me off.)

Customer: *in a pitiful tone* “Dude, I’ll take 25; just please give me some money!”

(At this point I have no intention of dealing with this man, so I tell him we aren’t able to do it. He walks quickly back to the door, opens it, and shouts:)

Customer: “This place sucks; they never give me money!”

(He then exited the store and ran off. He forgot his Kinect. Upon closer inspection, the box was opened, and instead of a Kinect, it had a few DVDs and a PlayStation 2 controller.)

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