Unable To Geolocate The Best Solution

| Dayton, OH, USA | Working | March 24, 2014

(I am calling my cellular provider’s call center, because I was charged on my account after I cancelled it due to being in Ireland for an extended period of time.)

Call Center: “We sent you some mobile notifications on these dates, telling you that your vacation hold was ending.”

Me: “You sent mobile notifications to my CDMA phone when Europe only has GSM, and you’re wondering why I didn’t get them? CDMA doesn’t work in Europe which is why I put my account on hold.”

Call Center: “Well, I’m sorry about that, sir, but it’s our policy to send a mobile notification.”

Me: “You could have just as easily sent me an email to let me know that my phone that didn’t have service would soon be getting service.”

Call Center: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s how our system is set up.”

Me: “Well your system sure as s*** seems to be able to send me email when I have a new bill that is due. Okay, well, seeing as my account has been cancelled and I can’t log in to the website to pay my bill by phone number since it says it doesn’t exist, how would you recommend I pay my bill?”

Call Center: “Well, you can walk in and pay your bill in the nearest [Cellular Company] store.”

Me: “Sure, I’ll go ahead and do that! Can you please tell me where the closest one is to Dublin, Ireland? I’ll happily walk in and pay my bill.”

Call Center: “We don’t have information on that since we don’t have service over there.”

Me: “So why would you even recommend that option to me?”

Call Center: “Well, the next time you are in the States, you can do that.”

Me: “Okay. Next time I make it over to the States, I will pay my bill. Thank you for giving me that permission to not pay until that time.” *hangs up*

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