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Unable To Engineer A Solution

, , , | Right | May 12, 2020

A customer comes in wanting copies of a large engineering print.

Customer: “Can you copy this for me?”

Me: “I can, but we have to send it out. It will go out tomorrow and be back the next day. Is that okay?”

Customer: “No, I need it tonight. You can’t just do it for me?”

Me: “No, I can’t; we don’t have an engineering printer at this location. Our production centre does, though, and we can send it to them. It would be back in two days because our pickup for today already happened.”

Customer: “No good, I need it today.”

Me: “Well, if you’re willing to drive to [City 45 minutes away] the [Same Store] in the south end has a copier that is big enough for that. They will be able to do it for you today.”

Customer: “Are you kidding? I’m not driving all the way down there!”

Me: “I’m sorry, those are your only options. Unless you want me to copy it in pieces for you.”

Customer: “No! I want it in one piece!”

Me: “Okay, so, would you like me to send it out for you?”

Customer: “No, just tell me somewhere else I can get this done.”

Me: “I just told you: the store in the south end of [City].”

Customer: “Somewhere in town.”

Me: “I’m not sure of anyone else in town who does prints this size.”

Customer: “Are you serious? There must be someone.”

Me: “Yeah, there might be, but I don’t know of any.”

Customer: “You don’t know of any places in town?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

Customer: “What about in [Nearby Town]?”

Me: “I’m not sure.”

Customer: “Why not?!”

Me: “Um, because I work here? I only know about the services we offer.”

Customer: “Ugh, whatever.”

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