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Unable To Design A Way To Get Paid On Time  

, , , | Right | January 9, 2020

(For the past few months, I’ve been doing graphic design commissions for money. I get a message from someone I know from a mutual community asking for pricing on a couple of things, and I am told that his friend also wants some stuff done and that his friend will be messaging me soon. What follows is probably the most impatient experience of my life so far.)

Me: “So, what do you need done?”

Client: “A stream header and a profile pic. I don’t care about the theme as long as it represents me.”

(I take “as long as it represents me” to mean “as long as it has my name on it” and whip up a basic patterned header for something to go off of and send a Photoshop screenshot of it.)

Client: “I was thinking something having to do with cars and skid marks.”

(I’m a bit frustrated, but I start Googling some graphics I could use — in the “Labelled for commercial reuse” section, of course — and send him a screenshot of a concept that he approves of. After I get the header done, I move fairly easily through getting the profile pic finished.)

Me: “Okay, that will be $30 plus a couple of bucks to cover the PayPal fee.”

Client: “Okay, I’m trying to see if I have the money right now.”

(It shocks me a bit when he says that, as that’s something most people would make sure of before they even consider commissioning someone, but it’s not a big deal as I think I’ll be waiting no more than a day or two. I’m also going on vacation very soon, so I upload the files to my Imgur just in case I don’t get the money before I leave for two weeks. During my vacation, I make sure to try to get updates from my client and am repeatedly told, “Soon,” as they have a lot of bills. My patience is wearing thin but I try to remain understanding. About a week after I get home, I message him again for an update after I am told he’ll have the money that week.)

Client: “I got a $200 speeding ticket recently and won’t have the money. Sorry.”

Me: *internally* “Fuuuu******!”

(I message him another week later to see if he has the money yet.)

Client: “I can’t pay via PayPal; my account is locked.”

(I set up an account on another site and gave him my link. No response. After two days of trying to get a hold of him, I slightly snapped and messaged him again telling him to “just freaking pay me already,” and to my surprise, he did so. After a MONTH of waiting, I was finally paid and I sent him his files. Now I know to charge upfront unless it’s someone I can trust to pay after the fact.)

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