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Unable To Face Life Without Facebook

, , , , , | Working | March 2, 2018

(We have a new intern working with us. He has been fine for the past week and has been set up with a computer login to get some involvement with actual estimating. After a couple of hours, he pops this question.)

Intern: “How do you guys work without the Internet?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Intern: “You said I need to use the Internet, but I can’t get on it.”

Me: “You’ve been emailing me, though.”

Intern: “I know, but the Internet won’t work.”

(I go over to his computer and see that he is trying to access Facebook.)

Me: “I see. Facebook is blocked on our network.”

Intern: “You blocked the Internet? How do you get any work done?”

Me: “No, we haven’t blocked the entire Internet. Just Facebook.”

(This confused him so much that he had to lie down. After a week of similar questions, our manager agreed mutually with him that perhaps this office wasn’t the best place for him. He now works on the tools, and seems much happier for it.)

Question of the Week

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