Unable To Comprehend Such Weighty Concepts

, , | Right | February 1, 2018

(In a small store that carries particular seasonal foods, the current harvest of a popular food has been absolutely minuscule, less than a third of what the previous year was. To that end, my boss rules that people cannot buy more than 1 kg of the food, and no discounts are to be given. In previous years, we’ve had larger bags with bulk discounts, but, of course, not this year. We have signs up stating this, and we remind people if they try and buy more. This customer is a little old woman I see once a year when she buys these things.)

Customer: “I see there is a sign telling me how much for one kilo of these, but I would like to buy five kilos. How much for five kilos?”

Me: “I’m sorry, due to the shortage this year, I cannot sell you five kilos. I can only sell you one kilo.”

Customer: “Yes, yes, I see, but how much for five kilos?”

Me: “It’s [price] for one kilo, because you can only buy one kilo, because of the shortage.”

Customer: “Last year it was only [price] for a kilo, and I want to buy five for [last year’s price].”

Me: “Due to the shortage, the price has gone up, and we are only letting people buy one kilo. I cannot sell you more than that. One kilo.”

Customer: “But I want to buy five kilos.”

(This goes on with me saying at least four different permutations of, “You can’t.” Eventually, I pick up the phone, call my boss at our other store, and give the customer the phone. He attempts to explain three more times before she seems to get it.)

Customer: “All right, one kilo. I’ll come back later to get five?”

Me: *head-desk*

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