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(I work in a convenience store that sells pop, cigarettes, and basic automotive supplies — washer fluid, oil, etc. — but not beer. This takes place about 30 minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve.)

Customer: “Where’s your beer?”

Me: “We… don’t sell beer?”

Customer: “Just tell me where it is; I’ll find it.”

Me: “We don’t sell beer here, sir.”

Customer: “All gas stations sell beer! You just don’t know where it is.”

Me: “Sir, not all gas stations sell beer, because some don’t sell anything besides gas. Last I checked, gas isn’t beer.”

Customer: “Just give me one; then. You have to have some in the back, right?”

Me: “Sir, I assure you, if I had any beer in the back, I would’ve been fired for drinking on the job. We don’t sell beer here. Go to the store literally 30 seconds down the road.”

Customer: “You know you have beer!”

(He was never really mad, but he left after that. I was glad to see him go. His girlfriend screamed at him as they drove away, though.)

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