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Um… What?

, , , , | Right | December 12, 2020

I’m one of the groomsmen in my buddy’s wedding this weekend, and today I went to pick up my tuxedo from the rental store. There were no issues, everything fit perfectly, and I had already paid in full during the initial fitting a month ago. I’ve got a somewhat unusual body shape; I’m six feet tall, but most of my height is my torso. During the fitting, I had the same pant length as one of the other groomsmen, who is significantly shorter than me.

A half-hour later, the best man texts me to remind me to pick up my tux. I tell him that I already did, and he says that he is at the store and was told I haven’t been in to pick it up yet. Confused, I call the store.

Employee: “Hello, this is [Rental Store]; how can I help you?”

Me: “Hey, I was just in and picked up my tux. It was under [My Name]. But my buddy [Best Man] was told I haven’t picked it up yet, and I just wanted to make sure everything was kosher.”

Employee: “Someone else got your tuxedo?”

Me: “No, I got my tuxedo, but I guess someone told him I hadn’t?”

Employee: “So you got someone else’s tuxedo?”

Me: “No, it’s mine. It fits fine, and the colors are right. I doubt it’d fit anyone else, anyway.”

Employee: “So… what did you want me to do?”

Me: *Pause* “I’ve just realized how pointless this call is.”

The employee had a good laugh, I apologized profusely, and now I can never rent a suit from that store again without feeling profoundly embarrassed.