Ugly People Get Ugly Views

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(It is our annual county fair. A young and much newer country artist I happen to adore is playing the venue for the first time — before they implemented regulations for seating and VIP — and despite my mom working that day, a school friend of mine invites me to tag along with her family to go to the fair that day, and she even offers to go to the concert with me when they realize how excited I am for it, so I won’t be alone. After waiting in the usual massive line-up before entrance to the arena, we walk in and head straight for the front of the stage — once in the stage grounds, it’s a free-for-all for where you want to go — and wait in another small line-up as security keeps the front of the stage clear until the show starts. We are idly chatting away, inching along the line as it moves, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. Of possible relevance, it should be noted many teenage girls in this area have the “mine” or “me first” mindset, and the singer in question is a relatively attractive guy.)

Girl #1: “Excuse me, but you cut in front of us. We were ahead of you.”

Me: *with a cocked eyebrow* “Uh, no? We’ve been standing in line for a while and even followed the people before us to get to the stage.”

Girl #1: “No, you cut us! We were here way longer than you!”

Me: *getting frustrated* “We’ve waited our turn in line, and once we were let in we came straight here. You were not before us.”

Girl #2: *pipes up behind her friend* “We’ve been here since the fair opened! We were first!”

Me: “I doubt that. Even attendees for far more popular singers line up no sooner than three.”

(I turn back to my friend, rolling my eyes as the three mutter between themselves.)

Girl #1: “Can you believe that?”

Girl #3: “Get security or someone to help. She has no right to be here, anyway.”

Friend: *whispers to me* “Are they for real?”

(I shrug and just keep facing forward, but sure enough… The second girl seeks out and leads a young security guard over to us, complaining loudly about how we are cutters and are cheating them of their concert experience.)

Security: *to me* “Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to step out and move to the back of the line.”

Me: “No, we shouldn’t have to. We’ve been waiting here just as long as the other people before us. They didn’t even appear until we were already waiting for several minutes.”

Security: “You’ve been waiting? Well, I recognize them, but I don’t recognize you, so you have to go.”

(My frustration is peaking at this point and I’m about ready to stop biting my tongue. These girls have been nowhere near us, and this security guard was nowhere near the lineup or arena entrance when we came in. I’m starting to think he’s only favoring them because of their looks. And since you’re free to go wherever once inside the premises, the line isn’t mandatory. It’s just a considerate way to not block the paths to the chairs for other people.)

Me: “We’re not moving. I don’t care if you recognize us or not. They came after us.”

Girl #3: “Just do the right thing and move. You know we were here first and don’t want to admit it. You shouldn’t even be here, anyway.”

Security: “Either go to the back of the line, or I will have you removed from the premises.”

Me: *sighs and gives up* “Fine.” *as I’m walking away with my friend, shaking my head in appalled disbelief* “Come on. I know a better way.”

(We ended up going around the side where more people were waiting for the okay to stand in front of the stage. Since there were fewer people and no “line,” we slipped in with the crowd quite easily and were pushed to the front when the okay was given. It ended up being a fantastic show we got to see from the gate separating the fans from the stage while the three girls were way back, maybe a whole five feet closer from where they started. Karma’s a b****.)

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