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Typo? Never Herd Of It

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As a printing company technician, I’ve had some good bosses over the years, but of course, I’ve dealt with some real “winners”, too.

I had been working in the Composing Room of a small newspaper for only about a week when my new micromanaging snark-fest of a boss slapped the previous day’s edition down at my workstation and pointed to a typo in an ad I’d set.

Boss: “I’ve been in the printing industry for twenty-eight years, and I’ve never seen anything like that!”

He started to go on when I held up a hand.

Me: “Let me get this straight. You’ve been in printing for twenty-eight years and have never seen a typographical error before? Did you actually perform any work in that time? Did you read any copy at all? In my first job, I was on the clock for about forty minutes before I saw my first typo. How does one escape this?”

He’d been caught being an a***hole and he knew it, and he stormed away.

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