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Typical Customer, Complaining About Stuff That’s FREE

, , , | Right | CREDIT: PM_ME_UR_CATS__ | February 1, 2022

I work at your average grocery store in Canada. It’s moderately busy, and I commonly work at the self-checkout station or behind the customer service desk. Our store occasionally gives away a certain item if you spend over a certain amount. This week, it is a box of snacks, like Oreos, etc.

I am standing by the customer service desk when an older lady stops in front of me on her way out.

Customer: “Is that your giveaway for this week for spending over [amount]?”

Me: “Yes. I can grab you one if you’d like.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t want it. Can you do a substitution?”

At this point, I’m thinking that she may have dietary restrictions or something. We’ve done substitutions for people who want a vegetarian option before.

Me: “Are you thinking of a substitution for dietary reasons?”

She looks super confused, even with her mask on.

Customer: “No, I’m asking for another option because I don’t like that giveaway. Don’t you have anything else?”

Me: “Unfortunately, we do not; this is our only giveaway for this week. You don’t have to take it, though.”

Most, if not all people who don’t want the giveaway just say no when offered it or donate it to the breadbasket box we have in our store. She starts walking away from me, so I think the conversation is done, but she turns around.

Customer: “Well, I think you should offer me another option, especially if the customer doesn’t like the one the store has.”

Me: “I understand, but unfortunately, this is the giveaway that was chosen for this week. There is no other free option.”

She is pretty annoyed.

Customer: “That’s ridiculous. What’s the value of the giveaway, then?”

Me: “The value of the giveaway is twenty-five dollars, but it is given for free when spending over [amount].”

Customer: “Well, take twenty-five dollars off of my bill, then.”

This doesn’t even make sense, since the product we give away is… free. It’s nothing like a coupon. I am super confused now.

Me: “Unfortunately, I cannot do that. That giveaway is the only option the store offers this week.”

Customer: “This store needs to offer another giveaway.”

It is getting busy again, and I am getting pretty tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

Me: “Well, you can take the free giveaway, or your other option is to not take it all.”

She didn’t say anything after that and walked away from me, so luckily for me, that was the end of that.

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