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Tying Those Prices Around Your Neck

, , , | Right | October 29, 2020

A lady with two daughters comes into our scarf section. We have packaged ones and a couple of extras lying around so people can try them on. I notice that they are looking at two specific pink scarves and I quickly check to see if we still have packaged ones behind the counter, but we don’t.

We have two different types of scarves: one for 15€, one for 6€, or two in a set for 10€, because they’re the last ones we have and we want to finally get rid of them.

Customer: “Excuse me, do you still have the pink scarves packaged?”

Me: “Sorry, no.”

Customer: “How long have they been open?”

They have been open probably a couple of months.

Me: “I don’t know. A while. But I mean, you can wash them?”

Customer: *Looks kind of disgusted* “Well… you’ll do something about the price, then, right?”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t do that.”

We only have the set prices in our register, and I’m also just on a tiny student job. I really can’t just change the prices, and again, the scarves are fine. The customer sighs, but her daughters apparently really want the scarves, so she gives in.

Customer: “Okay, I guess I’ll just take them.”

Me: *Ringing them up* “That’ll be 10€, then.”

The customer is already handing 30€ over the counter.

Customer: “Wait. What?”

I explained our special deal. The lady looked immediately happier and after she paid, they left.

She didn’t see the huge sign exposing the deal but noticed the tiny sign with the price of the more expensive scarves. Later, she came back again and bought two more scarves and two stuffed animals, which made her one of my best customers on a slow day. She was definitely nicer after noticing that we really don’t rip our customers off over old scarves.

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