Two Wrongs Do Not Fake A Red Light

| Learning | May 29, 2013

(A student is texting during my Spanish class.)

Teacher: “What on Earth is so important that you have to text about it during my class?!”

Student: “Illegal car parts.”

Teacher: “What?!”

Student: “I’m getting a little black box that will stop cops from tracking when I run a red light. And if they search my car, they won’t find it.”

(I expect the teacher to be horrified that the student is admittedly buying something illegal in order to get away with further law breaking. Instead, she looks fascinated!)

Teacher: “They definitely won’t find it?”

Student: “Right.”

Teacher: “So I won’t get arrested?”

Student: “Nope.”

Me: “[Teacher’s name], are you seriously considering buying one of these things?!”

Teacher: “Well, yes, [my name], because [student] says I won’t get caught! Now seriously where do I buy one? I run red lights all the time!”

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