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Two Heads Of Lettuce Are Better Than One

, , | Right | November 2, 2009

(I’m checking out a grocery store customer. Everything seems normal until she heads to the bagging area.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry. I don’t have a bagger right now.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s fine, I can bag!” *pause* “Would you like paper or plastic, ma’am?” *pause* “I’d like paper, please, thank you.”

(I glance over at the woman from the corner of my eyes.)

Customer: “I love your shirt!” *pause* “Thank you!”

(I continue checking out the lady’s order.)

Customer: “Oh, miss, you’re going too fast. Please slow down!”

(I turn off my conveyor belt and continue to ring up her items.)

Customer: “No, stop going so fast!”

(I slow down for the last four items and then give her the total. The customer comes to the credit card machine to pay.)

Customer: “Thank you, you’re such a wonderful cashier! We’ll have to remember to come through your line next time!”

Question of the Week

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