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Two Discs Are Better Than One

| Friendly | July 3, 2015

(My roommate is an idiot, so I don’t often let him use my things unless I’m sitting there watching him to make sure nothing goes wrong. After a few months of no near-accidents, I decide to rescind this requirement and start letting him use my stuff as long as he asks first.)

Roommate: “Hey, can I use your PS3 to play [Game]?”

Me: “Sure.”

(He leaves and I talk to my boyfriend, thinking nothing about the disaster looming over the horizon until he comes back about fifteen minutes later looking nervous.)

Roommate: “So, um… apparently you already had a game in there and I didn’t realize it…”

Me: “What?!”

(My boyfriend and I rush downstairs to find that he somehow managed to jam two games inside at once. Luckily my boyfriend knows how to get them out without damaging the console, but both discs are ruined.)

Boyfriend: “He had to have forced it in there! How did he manage to do this without realizing that there was already another game inside?!”

Me: “He’s special, [Boyfriend]…”

(He did replace both games for me, but I still put back the requirement that I have to be there for him to use them after that.)

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