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Two Bucks, Two Weeks, Zero F***s

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Clobo001 | September 10, 2021

I’m working at a popular burger place. I have been working there for almost two years, and I was just promoted to manager, but due to school, I put in my two-week notice the next day. Thus, even though I am wearing a manager uniform, I can barely be considered one.

We had just managed to survive the lunch rush, and the drive-thru traffic had died down.

Coworker: “There’s some angry customer in the drive-thru who wants us to replace her small fry.”

I bag up a new small fry and hand it to my coworker. [Coworker] tries to hand the customer the bag, but instead of taking the free food and leaving like a normal person, the customer immediately asks to speak to a manager. [Coworker] complies and runs off to get our head manager. I am trying to bag the next person’s order when I hear a shrill voice bark.

Customer: “Excuse me, are you a manager?”

I nod in the affirmative, internally sigh, and walk over to the window.

Customer: “Do you care about your job? Don’t you work hard here?”

She has a smug grin on her face, and I know she wants me to say yes so that she can berate me.

Me: *Shrugging* “No, not really.”

Customer: *Glaring* “What?!”

Me: “I just put in my two weeks a few days ago, I’ve worked about seven days in a row now, and no, I’m not going to say I care.”

Customer: *Flabbergasted* “B-but, what about the quality of the food?”

Me: “Ma’am, this is [Burger Place].”

Customer: “I know, but what about getting my money’s worth?!”

Me: “Your whole two dollars?”

Exasperated, the customer shrieked and floored it out of the drive-thru. [Coworker] and [Head Manager] both stared at me in shock, but I didn’t get punished because I was leaving in a couple of weeks anyway.

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