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Twin-Sided Race Card

| Related | December 30, 2015

(My roommate, his girlfriend, and guest are over; they are all Asian. A neighbor walks in. He is rather drunk and stares at the girls.)

Neighbor: “Wow, you girls look alike!”

Girlfriend: “Wow, you white people are so racist.”

Guest: “Really now, you can’t tell us Asians apart.”

Neighbor: “I, uhh… I got to go.” *runs off*

Me: “So, you girls ever going to tell [Neighbor] that you are twins?”

Both In Unison: “Nope, never. Our parents still get us confused!”

Roommate: *looking guilty and hiding a sharpie*

Girlfriend: “I already know you marked me to tell us apart, and you’re not off the hook!”

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