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Twenty For Three

| Learning | September 3, 2016

(In our English class, the professor has become very unhappy with the amount of disorganization the class has.)

Professor: “Okay, this is getting ridiculous. You people can’t keep anything for more than a day. You know what? If anyone has the first assigned reading of the semester, I’ll give you three extra credit points — one for each month we’ve been here.”

(This class only has 100 points total in it so getting three points is basically getting 3% added to your grade.)

Student #1: “Here it is.” *holds up crumpled piece of paper*

Professor: “Yes. That’s the proper documentation. You get three extra credit points for that.”

Student #2: “Are you sure it was that document or—“ *reaches into his wallet and takes out a $20* “—was it this document?”

Class: *laughs*

Professor: “Okay. I don’t accept bribes in this class; however, since I’m only a lecturer, I don’t get paid nearly enough so if you want to donate it to my bank account, I’d be very appreciative.”

(The kid kept his $20 and did not get the extra credit nor did many other people in the class.)

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