I Have Twenty-Dollar Vision

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(I’m a backup cashier at my store; mostly I stock, but I ring when the store gets backed up. With a line to the back of the store one day, I’ve spent most of my shift at my register, when a woman comes up with two or three items at a dollar each.)

Customer: “Oh, I can’t find my ten. Here’s a twenty.”

(I continue ringing up her items as she fishes through her purse. She lays a bill on my belt. It’s one of the new ten-dollar bills that are bright yellow, and look nothing like the green-and-pink twenties.)

Me: “Oh, you found your ten?”

(The customer says nothing, and I give her the change.)

Customer: *bristling* “Um, excuse me. You owe me another ten dollars.”

Me: “I’m sorry? You gave me a ten.”

Customer: “I gave you twenty! You owe me ten dollars in change!”

(She continues to make a scene as the line backs up further; the person behind her is looking at her like she’s insane. The manager comes over and opens my drawer. There are no twenties anywhere; we keep them under the drawer, which I know I didn’t lift. At this point, she is threatening to call the police over ten dollars. The manager reassures her that we’ll audit my drawer. The computer spits out the number I should be at and we count the money. Sure enough, it’s spot on, not a penny over.)

Customer: *now getting huffy* “Well, obviously, something is wrong with the machine. I gave you a twenty. I’m returning everything and calling the police.”

(As she reached into her wallet, where she had stuffed her receipt, what should fall out with it but a twenty-dollar bill. The manager just stared until she left.)

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