Twelfth Fright

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(I am working a special nighttime event at which guests can pay an additional fee to receive unlimited desserts and access to a reserved area to watch the nightly fireworks presentation. Adults in the group also receive alcoholic drinks. A young guest of about twelve approaches me:)

Guest: “Excuse me, but isn’t the drinking age in Florida 21?”

Me: “Yes.”

Guest: “Well, my grandmother just gave me a drink, and it was champagne!”

Me: “Well, okay.”

Guest: “So, why did the bartender give it to her?”

Me: “Well, you have to understand that the bartender is required by law to make sure the person he serves is 21. What happens after he serves that person is not really his responsibility.”

Guest: *suddenly looking a bit scared* “But I drank some!”

Me: “Did you like it?”

Guest: “No! Am I going to get in trouble?”

Me: “No, no. It’s okay. You’ll be fine. No law was broken.”

Guest: *looking relieved* “Oh, okay.”

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