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Tweedledee and Tweedledum

, , , | Right | February 27, 2008

(It’s my job to exchange prizes for tickets. A customer comes up to me and I count their tickets.)

Me: “You have 24 tickets.”

([Customer #1] looks around at prizes.)

Customer #1: “How much is that remote control car?”

Me: “That’s 600 tickets. You should probably look at the smaller prizes you can afford, like the rings and rubber snakes. They are only two tickets each.”

Customer #1: “Okay, I’ll take that lava lamp.”

Me: “I’m sorry, the lava lamp is 14,000 tickets and you have 24, so I highly suggest looking at cheaper prizes like these rubber snakes.”

([Customer #1] finally decides he needs to go get more tickets and returns to playing games. Another customer approaches and I count their tickets.)

Me: “You have 650 tickets.”

Customer #2: “Okay, I’d like eighty of the snakes but only red and green ones.”

Me: “Wouldn’t you prefer a remote control car or this water gun?”

Customer #2: “No, I want snakes!”

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