Tweedle-Employee And Tweedle-Dum

| California, USA | Working | March 19, 2013

Me: “Excuse me, can you help me find the organic buttermilk?”

Employee #1: “Sure, I’ll do it.”

Employee #2: “No, let me find it.”

Employee #1: *to me* “Where were you looking, ma’am?”

(I gesture to the dairy department, and both run off looking. Thirty seconds later…)

Employee #1: “Is this it?”

Me: “I need the organic stuff.”

Employee #2: “What about this?”

Me: “No, that’s orange juice.”

(As they keep looking, I step back to have another look myself.)

Me: “Ah-ha! Found it.”

Employees #1 & #2: *simultaneously* “Oh, you’re welcome!”

(They then turn and glare at each other. I start to walk away.)

Employee #1: “Be sure to tell my manager I found it for you!”

Employee #2: “Nuh-uh! You didn’t do any of the work.” *after me* “Tell her I found it!”

(I did talk to their manager… but it wasn’t the way they intended!)

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