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Turns Out She Was Deadly Serious

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When my best friend was in middle school, she unfortunately lost her mother. 

The first year of high school, although she obviously didn’t forget her, she went on with her life. But around February, the month of her mum’s death, she had a little bout of depression which resulted in a drop in grades.

The form teacher asked to see her with a parent (her father).

Form Teacher: “The first term went well, but the grades have dropped a lot lately.”

Friend: “Yes, it’s difficult around February. That’s when my mother passed away.”

Form Teacher: *Shocked* “You don’t lie about these things!”

Father: “She isn’t lying.”

Form Teacher: “But she often talks about her stepfather.”

Father: “Yes, her mother and I divorced several years before her death, and she remarried in the meantime.”

Form Teacher: “But she still sees her stepfather?”

Father: “I know that officially the stepparent has no rights after a death if he remains a parent, but we insist that she continues to see him. He also took care of her education.”

Form Teacher: “So, her mum is really dead?”

Father: *Exasperated* “YES!”

The form teacher apologised. Did the teacher really think that having divorced parents made it impossible for them to die of anything other than old age?

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