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Turning Thievery Into An Art Form

| Learning | May 14, 2014

(It’s the end of my 12th year at high school and I have just finished up an art project for my final grade. Not 12 hours after finishing the project and having it hung out in the hall with the other 26 similar projects it’s stolen from the hall without a trace. This conversation follows.)

Me: “I just don’t understand. I mean… it’s well over 12 feet up there and that’s just to touch it.”

Teacher: “I don’t know… but who ever took it must have REALLY liked it to climb 12 feet for a single project and then sneak it out.”

Me: “I’m still getting the grade for this right?”

Teacher: “Kid, if your project was good enough to be stolen… Yeah, you’re getting that grade.”

(In the end, I never did find out who took that project, nor did the school find out, either. To this day I wonder where that picture could be or who it was given too.)

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