Turning Red Over The Matter

| Friendly | September 7, 2014

(I am a natural redhead, and always get comments on how nice my hair is, and how it’s the same shade as a popular type of ginger hair dye. The following exchange happened between me, my mother, and an elderly woman, when I was seven years old.)

Stranger: *looks at my hair* “Oh gosh, honey. How old are you?”

Me: “I’m seven years old, miss!”

Stranger: *to my mother* “How dare you!”

Mother: “Excuse me?”

Stranger: “Letting your daughter dye her hair at such a young age! It’s despicable!”

Me: *confused* “But—”

Stranger: *ignoring me* “It’s almost as bad as putting makeup on her, or letting her get strange piercings!”

Mother: “Actually, that’s her natural hair color.”

Me: “Yeah, it—”

Stranger: *still ignoring me* “And you have the audacity to lie to my face about it! What sort of role model are you trying to be to your children?!”

Me: “MISS!     ”

Stranger: *finally looking at me* “There’s no need to yell, dear.”

Me: “But this IS my natural hair color. My mum had ginger hair before she dyed it blonde, and both my grandmas had ginger hair. I’ve never had any other hair color than ginger, and I think you’re being very rude!”

(The woman is obviously shocked, and proceeds to move as far away from us as possible. My mother was relieved, and I ended up getting an ice cream later for ‘scaring the nasty lady away!’)

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