Turning Off Their Power

| Working | December 30, 2015

(Occasionally we get telemarketer and scam calls. My usual trick is to leave it off the hook and tie up at least one of their phone lines. Today I had more time, so decided to do something new.)

Scam Caller: *in a very bad accent* “I am calling from [Phone Provider we are no longer with]. We need some details to check your account.”

Me: “Okay, what do you need?”

Scam Caller: “The first thing I am asking of you is your username.”

Me: *if I wasn’t sure before, now I know it is a scam — they never ask for usernames* “Of course, it is I.P.3lEE.”

Scam Caller: “Thank you, sir, and your password?”

Me: “Oh, let me think, I have it written down somewhere…” *I put the phone on the table make a cup of coffee and return* “My password is 3.”

Scam Caller: “Are you sure, sir? That is not enough letters.”

Me: “Yes, I think so. Oh, could it be 33?”

Scam Caller: “Sir, I need your password; don’t be messing me about.”

Me: “Oh, yes, silly me. It is 3 3 333 3 33 and 3.”

Scam Caller: “Thank you, sir, I will check your account for you now.”

(He hangs up; I’ve had a little fun with wasting his time and giving him fake info. I think nothing about it until an hour later and the phone rings again.)

Scam Caller: “Sir, you have not provided me with the right information. If you do not do this now, I will turn off your phone and Internet.”

Me: “Whoa, whoa, what is wrong with my information? I gave it to you exactly as I have written it down.”

Scam Caller: *getting more aggressive* “No, sir, you did not. I need your account name and password now!”

Me: “Okay, okay, don’t turn off my Internet. I will get it now.”

(I put the phone on the table and leave it for 20 minutes. He is still on the line so I leave it for another 20 when he finally hangs up. I get several more phone calls that day. As no one I know ever calls the house phone, I let it ring. I forget about it completely until I get a phone call a few days later.)

Scam Caller: “Sir, I have had enough of you now. We are turning off your power today, unless you give me your account details.”

Me: “Okay.”

Scam Caller: “Sir, do you understand? I will be turning off your power today. You will have no powers, unless you give me your information.”

Me: “Yes, I understand.”

Scam Caller: *shouting* “Sir, give me your details now!”

Me: “Hang on.”

(Again I put the phone on the side. I could hear him shouting down the phone. Eventually he gave up, but I’m glad I could frustrate a scammer as much as they do me.)

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