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Turning Kindness Into An Art Form

, , | Right | February 20, 2017

It’s been a brutal winter, and we feel the pain of it late one night when I wake up to find a burst water pipe in one of the bedrooms. My mother and I spend the rest of that night and most of the next two days emptying the bedroom out and drying things out… and sadly, almost all the things in said bedroom are mine, as I was in the process of changing bedrooms when this happened. Among the items that suffered water damage are several art prints and sketches done by favorite artists, many irreplaceable.

Amid all the headaches dealing with uncooperative insurance and restoration companies, I end up contacting the artists in question to get quotes on what the damaged sketches were worth and if there’s any hope of purchasing replacements of the damaged prints. One artist replies very quickly with the following:

“Sorry to hear about the water damage. I hope things get sorted out fast for you and everything… As for the two prints just send me your address and I’ll get new ones in the mail to you as soon as I can. They’re on me.”

It was a small gesture, but I still teared up. This entire situation has been a headache for my mom and me, but one person’s act of kindness made a difficult situation more bearable.

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