Turning Into A Soap Opera, Part 2

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I am a personal shopper at a grocery store. We have special scanners that only scan the barcodes of items that are on the list submitted by the customer. There is a way to get around not scanning an item, but we’re only supposed to use that method with produce items.

Unfortunately, a lot of my coworkers do this with products elsewhere in the store, resulting in customers getting stuff they didn’t order. Before I came in for my shift, a customer came inside and went up to customer service. The customer service manager just happened to be the one to greet him.

Customer: “I want to exchange this soap. A few days ago, your shopper messed up my order and gave me the wrong soap! This is unacceptable.”

Customer Service Manager: “I’m sorry about that. Who shopped your order?”

Customer: “[My Name].”

Customer Service Manager: “[My Name], really? That doesn’t sound like her.”

Customer: “We’ve been shopping here for years, and this is unacceptable. We might have to switch to [Competitor].”

Customer Service Manager: “All right, let me pull up your order so I can see which soap you ordered.”

He pulls the order up on the computer.

Customer Service Manager: “Sir, it looks like you did order this soap.”

Customer: “I did not!”

Customer Service Manager: *Prints out the order* “Look, here’s the soap, [soap], and this is the UPC. If you look at the UPC on the back of the soap, you will see that it matches. You did order this soap. However, if you want to exchange it, we can do that.”

Customer: “Oh… um, what I meant was… my wife ordered the wrong soap. I would like to exchange it.”

When I come in a few hours later, the customer service manager tells me what happened.

Me: “Seriously?”

Customer Service Manager: *Joking* “Don’t you know you’re supposed to know if they order the wrong thing?”

Turning Into A Soap Opera

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