Turning Good Behavior Into An Art Form

| OH, USA | Learning | October 12, 2014

(I am falling behind in my art courses because I haven’t had practice drawing quickly. Therefore, I have asked for permission to eat lunch in the art room to work during lunch. In my class, there is a student who constantly picks on me because I am working diligently in an ‘easy A course.’ Today, he acts up and is given two days of lunch detention.)

Me: *working after eating*

Student: “Hey! You!”

Me: *don’t hear him because I am listening to my iPod*

Student: “Curly freak!”

Me: *looks up; I am sensitive about my hair*

Student: “What the f*** are you doing here? You’re a good kid!”

Me: “Working.”

Student: “You don’t have detention?”

Me: “No.”

Student: “You wanted to be here?”

Me: “Yes. I want to catch up on my work.”

(He got upset from what I guessed was realizing that he couldn’t brag that he saw a ‘good kid’ getting a detention. I made for the teacher a poster that says ‘Art does not begin with an easy A,’ so she hung it where he could see. He failed the course while the art teacher gave me a set of prisma pencils as a thanks for the poster.)

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