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Turning Their Back On Your Backpack

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(I am looking for a second backpack to take with me on a particularly long hiking trip I have planned with my significant other. Usually we just take one pack between the two of us, since we only do day hikes, but we figure we’ll need extra water and supplies in this case. We’re not having much luck finding a backpack we actually like, so I go to talk to an employee working in that section. It’s worth noting that I’m a young, fairly dainty-looking woman, and the employee is an older man.)

Me: *holding a sturdy but light, well-ventilated backpack with several pockets and a very large hip strap* “Hi, I’m looking for something a bit like this: a pack that’s fairly structured, and the back should be cooler, and—”

Employee: *interrupting* “—what do you mean cooler? Cooler how?”

(He gives me a strange look. I’m not sure whether he thinks he’s being funny or literally doesn’t understand.)

Me: *smiles and chuckles uncomfortably* “Temperature cooler, because the back is ventilated. And one that’s fairly light and—”

Employee: *interrupting again, in a very condescending tone* “Well, then, it looks like you’ve got one right there!”

Me: *starting to get annoyed* “Right, but I want one without the big hip strap. It just gets in the way, and it isn’t necessary on a pack this small.”

Employee: *again in the condescending tone* “Well, we have a few without straps, for carrying books and such, for school.”

Me: “No, I want it for hiking. The ones for books tend to be too heavy to carry all day. How about a hiking backpack?”

Employee: “Well, there’s this over here; the hip straps are so small you don’t even notice them and could cut them right off!”

(He picks up a backpack made of cheap, flimsy material that feels like plastic and could obviously tear easily.)

Me: “No, that’s really flimsy. I said I wanted one with a little more structure and—”

Employee: *wanders away muttering*

(I ended up finding one I liked on my own, but decided to order it online instead; this is one local business I feel NO need to support!)

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