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Turned The Tables On You

, , , | Right | November 22, 2019

(During a rather busy lunch rush, I make a mistake processing a payment. Table A accidentally pays for Table B’s bill, which is £8 cheaper. Luckily, I notice, but not until after the payment goes through. Rather than refund the bill and start again, we have an option to add “Miscellaneous” items to a bill. This is mainly if the takeaway on the other side has a problem with a payment. The customers happily pay the difference with the miscellaneous option and leave. However, the whole time, there is a customer behind them who is making loud comments to other customers in the line. This customer has been waiting one minute, the time it took for me to reprocess the payment. The whole time, she has been making jibes like:)

Customer: “Oh, what is taking them so long?!”

(The customer I am serving explains briefly that I made a mistake.)

Customer: “Oh, of course! So slow. I have places to be!”

(At this point, I am trying to ignore her because she is next and the payment has gone through properly now. Just as I am saying goodbye to the customers, the lady says:)

Customer: “Oh, finally! I hope she doesn’t make a mistake with my order!”

(I smile and turn to her.)

Me: “Hello! What table were you sat at?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “…”

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