Turn The Volume Down To Minus Eleven

| Working | December 28, 2015

(My husband works from home. This involves teleconferences almost every weekday. Usually, I try very hard not to overhear his side of things. Today, during one teleconference, I hear his voice so infrequently that I move closer to see if everything is okay. Right then, he says:)

Husband: “We can’t hear anything.”

(This isn’t unusual as other workers sometimes speak into a phone they forgot was muted, so, I move away again. After nearly an hour, my husband takes off his headset and sighs.)

Husband: “So, the call consisted of ‘important information’ on computer technology from one speaker. However, the speaker somehow managed to mute his microphone and ignored various comments and messages from his audience to tell him he was muted. Someone managed to fix the problem, though. The sound became active very near the end. Just in time for the audience to hear ‘. . . and that’s why I’m a rock star of the [Computer Technology Field].’”

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